VENICE BEACH Leash and Collar Set


Bring out those brights baby, spring is here! Introducing the Venice Beach luxe leash and collar set. A bright blue color to celebrate the arrival of spring! 

Our luxe leashes have the same look and feel as leather but completely vegan! Get one of our luxe leashes or collars for that chic look that is very easy to keep clean! 



- 3/4" width

- Premium silver hardware with a poop bag ring on the leash handle

- Handmade in Montreal

- Perfect for dogs of all sizes

- Made with waterproof PVC



*the following measurements are the dimensions of the collar itself. To fit your dog's neck comfortably, please add a few centimeters (or about one inch) to the neck size to get the collar size. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck*

Size S: 9" - 11"(22 cm - 27 cm)

Size M: 11" - 13" (27 cm - 33 cm)

Size L: 13" - 15" (33 cm - 38 cm)


Cleaning instructions: 

Wipe clean with a damp cloth with a little bit of dish soap. 


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