HANGRY Dog Hoodie fabdog®

$17 $35

Hangry: when hunger is so severe that you become angry, and people should not mess with you until you get some food STAT. This is no truer for people than it is for dogs. Have you gotten in between your dog and bacon before? If your pooch gets hangry, this incredibly comfy thermal lined hoodie has their name written all over it. 


  • 100% Polyester
  • Thermal Lined
  • Zip Enclosure For Easy On and Off
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Kangaroo Pockets
  • Harness Hole
  • Machine Wash Cold, Lay Flat to Dry

Sizes are the length of the dog in inches from the base of the neck to just before their tail. 

Herky (18lbs, pictured wears size 16")
Milton (12lbs, pictured wears size 14")

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