Cleaning instructions:

If your leash gets dirty, simply use cold water with a little bit of dish soap to spot clean the area. Hang to dry. The colour of your leash may fade with excessive washing or excessive scrubbing. 

Do not machine wash or tumble dry. 


1- As all leashes are dyed in different batches, colors may slightly vary from the listed photos due to lighting and dyeing conditions.

2- We are not responsible for regular wear and tear of the leashes.

3- PLEASE do not use the leash if your dog has chewed on any parts of the cotton. The leash is braided and will unravel once it is damaged. 


5- To preserve the longevity of your leash, please refrain from letting it drag on the ground. Think of your cotton leash as a cotton tshirt. If you let a tshirt drag on the ground, it might dirtier faster and damaged over time.